about us

PGMS offers a specialised and completely impartial service to the charitable sector. Our core business provides comprehensive data management for payroll giving donors. We use bespoke systems to deliver solutions for all your requirements.

Historically difficult to manage, charities choose to out source this role to ensure focus is aimed at maximising income stream. As a result, a solid foundation is achieved enabling charities to effectively communicate with their donors,ensuring the future growth of payroll giving and enabling vital funds to be recouped from fundraising agencies.

We work closely with Payroll Agents and Professional Fundraising Organisations but because we are not affiliated to any one of these organisations we are able to provide impartial analysis on your data.

We are members of our sector's self-regulatory body, the Association of Payroll Giving Organisations - APGO - https://www.apgo.org.uk/

Call today to find out more on 05603 674524 or email us at info@pgmsuk.com.

Barnardo's had some serious catching up to do on the donor management front, despite being involved in Payroll Giving for decades.  It's no exaggeration to say that we simply could not have made such significant leaps forward without the help of PGMS - they are a true partner in every sense.